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Work at INTERSPORT Grossglockner

Family Business

Hans Pichler Ltd & Co KG is a family business with an over 100-year-long history. Today, the Heiligenblut-based company is run by fourth-generation members of the Pichler family, and serves as one of the region’s largest employers in the fields of tourism and retail. 


To expand our team, we look for people who :

  • are friendly, honest and competent,
  • who take pride in maintaining a presentable appearance,
  • are open-minded with regards to change and innovation (be it in terms of customer care or operational efficiency),
  • who manage products and services in a well-organised and systematic manner,
  • are invested in the continuous evolution of our businesses and in-house teams,
  • are keen to keep learning and willing to embrace change,
  • and have a respectful attitude towards all customers, guests, suppliers, fellow employees, as well as our natural and workplace resources. 

We are always looking for bright, outgoing and creative individuals to join our team.  

If you enjoy working with people, are personable and attentive, take pride in a tidy appearance and good manners, and are a team player with the ability to look after our international clientele, we would love to hear from you!